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Boat Rental and Watersport in Versilia


Find out where and how to practice water sports in Versilia

If you want to add a touch of thrill to your holiday and are wondering “what to do today in Versilia?“, Besides the events in the discos (Find Out the Next Events), here are some ideas for a day different from the others. You can book your day by contacting the +39 393 00 77 359 or Chat on Whatsapp

Boat Rental in Versilia

An intermanete day dedicated to the sea: rent your boat and enjoy your day of relaxation, sea and fun with friends as a true VIP.

Choose your ideal inflatable boat for a day in Versilia


Based on the number of people and in compliance with the anti-Covid regulations, here are the inflatable boats that can be rented:

  • Inflatable boat 7mt – max 7 people
  • Inflatable boat 8mt – max 8 people
  • Inflatable 9mt – max 9 people

All boats are equipped with shower – fridge – awning (only 9 meters is equipped with bathroom)

Inflatable boat rental in Versilia: warnings
For the rental of inflatable boats it is necessary to have a nautical license
It is possible to have a skipper on board for those without it

Boat rental: timetables, prices and starting point
The rental lasts daily, from 09.00 to 19.00
The departure takes place from the Versilia Beach Club (Discover now the events scheduled at the Beach Club)

  • Dinghy 7mt € 350.00
  • Dinghy 8mt € 490.00
  • Dinghy 9mt € 700.00
  • Skipper service € 120.00 – Gasoline excluded

Book now your day in the splendid sea of ​​the Versilia coast by contacting +39 393 00 77 359 or Chat on Whatsapp

Watersport in Versilia

Relaxation just isn’t your thing. This year, given the anti-Covid regulations in force, at the moment it is only possible to carry out the following activities:

Flyboard in Versilia


The flyboard consists of a board to which two boots similar to those used for wakeboarding are fixed.
Two high pressure jets of water come out from the table, creating the necessary thrust to fly. The water is compressed by the jet ski engine and passes through a tube of variable length from 15 to 23 meters which connects to the Flyboard. The propulsive power is managed through the accelerator of the motorcycle. When the Flyboard is connected, the motorcycle works only as a pump for the table. The Flyboard was born in 2011 thanks to Zapata Racing, a French company that took advantage of the brilliant idea had by Franky Zapata, a well-known jet ski champion.

Flyboard: costs and booking

Flyboard duration: 20 minutes
Flyboard price: 120 € / person (minimum 4 people)

Book your flyboard experience now by contacting the +39 393 00 77 359 o Scrivici su Whatsapp

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