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Ostras Beach - Marina di Pietrasanta

Viale Roma 123 - Darsena - 55043 Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)

The Ostras Beach Club of Marina di Pietrasanta was previously known, in the golden years of Versilia, as a disco “Il Barattolo”
The Ostras nightclub is now open mainly during the period from Easter to September and is dated as the Ostras New Year.
This is a difference between all the other nightclubs for two important peculiarities: in addition to being present in the place where the bale is located directly on the beach. In fact it is in most of the rooms the entrance is allowed to those who are at least eighteen (but in some cases even 16/17) access to the Ostras can be accessed alone at the age of 25 years. This is the ideal destination for those who do not particularly want to have too young boys, such as for bachelor parties and stag parties, of which Ostras is very often the stage.

Over the years, many internationally renowned artists have followed the Ostras consul, and the venue has been the stage for important tours such as Ibiza’s Pacha, Samsara on the Beach, Insomnia and Vice is Nice.



The restaurant consists of the beach, its true soul and the internal room used for evening events or restaurant areas when the weather is not allowed for dinner outdoors.

The beach
The beach as we have said is certainly one of the great strengths of the Ostras Beach Club. It positions the center with its back to the sea and observes the Console with the front and the main track. On the sides of the track are the two Privè, the most desirable table areas during the long Ostras summer nights. Then we find a third private near one of the 3 bar points and along the perimeter of the room the tables called “tents”, so it is recommended because they consist of the gazebo managed during the day by the beach establishment. Password to blossom with your feet on the sand.


The Inner Room
In the inner room the refined restaurant service is held and when the weather conditions are unfavorable they are also managed in an excellent alternative as a ballroom. This is the area that is used internationally on winter dates, such as the New Year. It has various table areas, a main track and a large American bar.


The Beach Club
Ostras Beach Club is not just nightlife: during the hot summer days Ostras is one of the most refined beach resorts in the area and offers its customers gazebos, bar / restaurant service, sunbeds, and an exclusive situation for many customers, who often they decide to stop also for the disco.



As mentioned above, if you are over 25 years old, you cannot avoid spending a night at the Ostras Beach Club. Quality catering, rigorous selection at the entrance (shorts, t-shirts or sportswear in general are not allowed) ) and top-level music selection will give you the guarantees you are looking for when you are organizing an evening with friends or a special event.

Below you can find the formulas, packages and privileged access methods for your evening at the Ostras Beach Club of Marina di Pietrasanta N.B. Prices may vary depending on the time of year, you can contact +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp to know the prices and book your evening at the best market conditions

The restaurant
Two menus, one of sea and one of earth, cared for down to the last detail, are the strength of Ostras catering. To these two is added the VIP Menu for all those who always want the best from their evening.

Are available:

Terra guided menus
Guided Sea Menu
VIP menu

All menus always include water and entry to the evening, while wines are excluded.


Book now your dinner at Ostras Beach at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp
For booking, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

The disco
It is possible to reserve your own reserved table with bottles in the area of ​​the room you prefer. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp for advice on the area where you can reserve your table based on age, preferences and musical tastes. N.B. Each area has its own price per person and a minimal expense, the sum of the quotas can be entirely spent in bottles according to the price list that will be sent in private when requesting information or booking.

Are available:

Privè tables Patron
Privè Gray Goose tables
Beach Beach Privè tables
Tables Tents
Beach tables
Central Room Tables


Book your table now with bottles at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp
For booking, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

Special Packages
These are the ideal offers for those who want to celebrate their degree, birthday or special event in style, taking advantage of special discounts. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp to discover the offer that best suits your needs.

Are available

Daily Gazebo + Dinner + Disco Table with Bottle
Daily Gazebo + Dinner + Entrance
Dinner + Disco Table with Bottles


Book now your special package at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp
For booking, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

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