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Bussola Versilia Club

Viale Roma 44, Marina di Pietrasanta 55045 (LU)

The Story
It was June 5, 1955 when the era of La Bussola by Sergio Bernardini began in the Focette area of ​​Marina di Pietrasanta, a brilliant showman who received the rent of the place from the then owner Alpo Benelli as a Christmas gift in 1954.

For the opening night, Renato Carosone and his orchestra were called, hired not without difficulty. In fact, to convince the artist that from that moment on he would be inextricably linked to the place, Bernardini had to raise the fee from the 90 thousand lire initially proposed to 160 thousand.
Never was a more appropriate choice: from that moment La Bussola became a style icon, a meeting point not only for VIPs but also for old and new rich people in Italy in full economic boom. In the span of a decade practically all the protagonists of Italian and international light music performed on stage: from Louis Armstrong to Platters, from Neil Sedaka to Adriano Celentano, from Peppino Di Capri to Don Marino Barreto jr, to Milva, Ella Fitzgerald, Domenico Modugno and many others.

It is always thanks to Bernardini’s intuition that on the stage of La Bussola Mina Mazzini becomes simply Mina: she who was first a spectator at La Bussola, began to perform almost as a game for friends, until her consecration as an internationally renowned artist.

December 31, 1968 sees one of the darkest chapters in the place. During the student demonstrations that raged in those years La Bussola di Focette was targeted on New Year’s Eve in which Fred Bongusto and Shirley Bassey were supposed to perform, generating during the clashes a wounded who will remain paralyzed.
La Bussola di Focette saw a notable development until August 2007, when it was closed due to nocturnal noise and then resurrected in September of the same year under a new name: Bussola Versilia


La Bussola Today
La Bussola Versilia after numerous ups and downs it seems to have returned to occupy its rightful place in the panorama of the Versilian nightlife, hosting thousands of spectators and offering its audience icons of the current musical scene such as Gabry Ponte, Gigi d’Agostino, Capo Plaza, the Dark Polo Gang but always remaining faithful to its tradition and bringing Gino Paoli and Patty Pravo back to that stage. You can find the Compass Versilia open mainly in the summer months and on pre-holiday evenings such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve etc.


The Building
The restaurant is made up of several areas, accessible according to the season and the type of event: the central hall, the outdoor hall, the suggestive pool-side, the Bussolotto and an external appendix called the village.

The Mainroom
It is within these walls that you can still enjoy today all the magic of the roaring years of Versilia: a circular area, surrounded by tables and equipped with two bar points, which turn their gaze towards the mythical revolving stage that now houses the console.


Outdoor room
Leaving the central room towards the sea we find the External Room, equipped with a bar, which has seen a complete restyling in the spring of 2019. A raised stage with numerous ledwalls behind it, overlooking the dance floor or celebrating in the various table, private and superprivè areas.


The Pools Edge
Next to the outdoor room we find the swimming pool, in use during the day at the bathing establishment, which during the night turns into a table area, a lung for the busiest nights where you can find some tranquility while sipping a cocktail.


Il Bussolotto
Upstairs, once a meeting place for VIPs and great personalities, is the Bussolotto, now used as a restaurant in the winter months. It has a console, a bar and a totally independent entrance.


La Village
This area develops right on the beach and is reserved for tables on crowded summer evenings, has its own bar and is ideal for a few minutes of relaxation between a dance and another.


Beach Club
One of the most renowned in Versilia, he sees among his clients great names in the Italian entertainment and industry. The horseshoe-shaped arrangement of the gazebos guarantees privacy and relaxation for its guests, as well as a seafront bar / restaurant service available from mid-May to mid-September.

Your Evening in Bussola
Spending your evening in Bussola has never been easier. Below you can find the formulas, packages and privileged access methods for your evening in Bussola Versilia. N.B. Prices vary depending on the time of year, you can contact +39 393 00 77 359 or Write us on Whatsapp to find out the prices and book your evening at the best conditions on the market

The Restaurant
There is no better way to start your evening than with dinner, which is very popular for events such as:

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Hen party
  • Birthday / Anniversaries
  • Private Events


Book Now Your Dinner at +39 393 00 77 359 or Chat on Whatsapp
For the reservation, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

The Club
It is possible to book your own reserved table with bottles in the area of ​​the restaurant you prefer. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 or Chat on Whatsapp to book your table in the various areas of the venue, from the table on the track to be able to let loose at the coveted private and superprive tables N.B. Each area has its price per person and a minimum expense, the sum of the shares can be entirely spent in bottles according to the price list that will be sent in private during the request for information or booking.

Are available:

  • Main Room Table
  • Track Tables
  • Privè Tables
  • Super Prive Table
  • Poolside tables (only in the summer months)
  • Outdoor room tables (only in the summer months)
  • Village tables (only in the summer months)
  • Beach Gazebo (only in the summer months)


Book your table with bottles now at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat on Whatsapp
For the reservation, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

Special packages
They are the ideal offers for those who want to celebrate their graduation, birthday or special event in style, taking advantage of special discounts. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 to find the offer that best suits your needs.

Are available:

  • DInner + Entry Ticket + One Drink
  • Dinner + Club Table with Bottles


Book Now Your Special Pack +39 393 00 77 359 or Chat on Whatsapp
For the reservation, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

Bussola Versilia Events

Discover All the Events Scheduled at Bussola Versilia:

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