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Viale IV Novembre 18 - Loc. Cinquale - 54038 Montignoso (MS)

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A club with a recent birth (at least by Versilia standards), theBeach Club was born in 2010 and has already established itself as one of the most attractive clubs in Versilia since the early days. The Cinquale nightclub, a few steps from Forte dei Marmi, has been awarded the honor of being part of the World’s Finest Clubs since 2011, the very limited list reserved for the best clubs in the world.


The Beach Club disco attracts every summer (and on some special dates such as the New Year Beach Club) thousands of customers, including many foreigners. Today it is the place with the highest maximum capacity and certainly the most modern and current. In the summer period it regularly opens its doors on Wednesday evenings, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, occasionally on Mondays or on exceptional evenings such as the New Year Beach Club


The Beach Club consists of an outdoor room with a dance floor and various table areas, a private room and an indoor room used for winter events or in case of bad weather.

Outdoor room
The imposing External Room is the best known part of the venue. It consists of different table areas (with different prices based on the location) that allow all types of customers to be able to reserve their table with bottles and spend the night at the Beach Club with numerous privileges, not least table service and the privileged entrance that ensures you avoid the unpleasant queue that often arises in the summer months due to the huge turnout.


The Privè
The Beach Club is a private room worthy of its name. The console is very high, with an imposing LED wall behind it and a stage on which splendid dancers perform every night. Immediately below we find the table area, the most privileged and requested of the restaurant: it can only be accessed with a special bracelet. It is in this area that we find the beautiful image girls, the tables that shine with the light of the sparkles at each arrival of the bottles and, more often than not, numerous VIPs.

Indoor Floor
In the event of sudden rain or for winter evenings, the Beach Club has a modern indoor room equipped with two bar points, two different areas and a console with private area.



Entrance to the Beach Club is guaranteed for all those who have reached the age of majority and have clothing and behavior appropriate to the place.

Below you can find the formulas, packages and privileged access methods for your evening at the Beach Club of Cinquale (MS) N.B. Prices may vary depending on the evening, you can contact +39 393 00 77 359 or Write us on Whatsapp to find out the prices and book your evening at the best conditions on the market

The Club
It is possible to book your own reserved table with bottles in the area of ​​the restaurant you prefer. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 or Write us on Whatsapp for advice on the area where to reserve your table according to your preferences. N.B. Each area has its price per person and a minimum expense, the sum of the shares can be entirely spent in bottles according to the price list that will be sent in private during the request for information or booking.

Are available:

∞ Privè Tables
∞ “Hexagon” Privè Tables
∞ Dance Floor Tables


Book your table with bottles now at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat on Whatsapp
For the reservation, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

Beach Club Nights

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