Discotheque Kuku

Strada Provinciale Romana, 3082, Lucca (LU)

Attiva la Geolocalizzazione

The Kuku Disco of Antraccoli has been known for years as the Red Planet. Destination and attraction for young people from all over Lucca, as well as Versilia, Pisa and neighboring areas. At the beginning of the 80s it was one of the most fashionable discos in Tuscany and saw artists grow like the inimitable Riccardo Cioni who was experiencing his musical ascent in those years.


Today the Kuku Disco continues to attract many customers, especially in the area of ​​Lucca and Pisa, thanks to always new proposals and an eye to the trends of the moment. It can be found open on Friday and, on some Saturdays of the month of Saturday.


The restaurant is mainly composed of a central room dominated by the console and a coveted private area which can only be accessed with a special bracelet, provided only to those who reserve a table in that area and the many girls that Kuku hosts. In addition, there is a side room that often remains unused.

The Central Hall
The area that many of you have experienced. In a lower position with respect to the entrance, this is where most of the customers go wild at the pace set by the nearby console.


The Privè
“Need the bracelet”. How many times have you heard it from the bodyguards who control access to the private area. The only way to access is by booking a table in this private area that overlooks the runway.



Have you decided to spend your evening at Kuku Disco? Here’s how.

Below you can find the formulas, packages and privileged access methods for your evening at Kuku. N.B. Prices vary depending on the evening, you can contact +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp to know the prices and book your evening at the best market conditions.


The disco
It is possible to reserve your own reserved table with bottles to avoid unpleasant queues at the entrance. Contact +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp N.B. Each area has its own price per person and a minimal expense, the sum of the quotas can be entirely spent in bottles according to the price list that will be sent in private when requesting information or booking.

Are available:

∞ Privè tables
∞ Mainroom Tables


Book now your table with bottles at +39 393 00 77 359 o Chat On Whatsapp
For booking, a message with date, name and number of participants is sufficient

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